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        1. Hard Working

          Focus on providing customers with new energy infrastructure solutions

          Leading domestic power operation system service provider

          Hangzhou AoNeng Power Supply Equipment Co. Ltd (Abb. AoNeng)

          Hangzhou AoNeng Power Supply Equipment Co. Ltd (Abb. AoNeng) was founded in 2000. It is capable of research & development, manufacturing, marketing & sales, and after-market service for all its equipment. It is a high and new technological company at Chinese national level. AoNeng for many years committed itself to electric power, construction, logistics, and urban public transportation sectors. It is a major supplier of integrated power supply, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and other new energy system solutions for various business sectors. The company is located in the City of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province with satellite offices in USA, India and Hong Kong SAR.

          Based upon extensive and years of technological accumulation and engineering ingenuity (innovation), AoNeng has developed a full line of products for EV charging stations. For AC charging station, its output power varies from 3.5kW single phase to 84kW three phase with dual connector. For DC charging station, the product ranges from 7kW output power for mobile charger to 1.28 MW for flexible group charging power cabinet. The installation method varies from mobile to wall mount, to pedestal mount, and concrete pad mount. Our products are able to fulfill the charging needs for passenger EV cars, electric buses, logistic delivery vehicles and etc.

          Over last 19 years, AoNeng has done independent research and development and gained many core technologies in many areas. Currently its R&D team composed of more than 80 high-tech talents with advanced professional degrees such as PhD’s, Masters. Aoneng Power has a complete R&D and manufacturing system. It has passed the industry OHSAS18001, ISO9001, ISO14001 and other system certifications. AoNeng’s major product line of charging stations in American, European, Indian, Chinese GB/T standard has passed product and industrious testing, we have achieved certifications as: IATF16949, CE, ETL, etc.

          Research institute

          The Institute is registered in the Hainan Province Civil Affairs Office, the Superior unit is the "non-enterprise research organization" of Hainan Province Science and Technology office;

          The Institute will be the only listed authorized Hainan Province Science and Technology Hall, carrying Hainan Province scientific research and industrial incubation of various new energy-related science and technology projects;

          The Science and Technology Department of the Institute is expected to invest more than 20 million yuan, and the government construction fund subsidy will be 10 million yuan. After the acceptance of the project, the annual operating fund will be subsidized by 1 million yuan.

          The institute is located in the new energy industry related advanced technologies, new materials, advanced technology and advanced technology research and development and industry to the ground; research on new industry patterns and new models to provide a package of solutions for the business planning of government and operating enterprises at all levels

          7 institutes, one incubator base, one testing center

          Company Culture
          Our Mission
          Committed to contributing to social energy conservation, and in the process, building a platform for all employees to pursue both material and spiritual happiness
          Corporate Vision
          Become a very powerful and highly respected enterprise in the industry
          Corporate Core Values
          Create value Create happiness Integrity &Innovation Dedicated and Passionate in working Win-win sharing
          Enterprise Development Concept
          More Bigger More Professional More Faster More Stronger
          Team concept
          There is no perfect individual, only perfect team
          Unlike beach sand and gravel collide with each other, like the stars shining each other;
          The highest level of teamwork is the spirit of sacrifice;
          Personnel Management Concept
          People oriented
          Company Core Systems
          Company History

          Over the past 19 years, Hangzhou AoNeng Power Supply Equipment Co. Ltd? has provided customers with electronic power supply systems and new energy infrastructure construction solutions.

          • 2017
          • 2016
          • 2015
          • 2014
          • 2013
          • 2011
          • 2010
          • 2009
          • 2008
          • 2006
          • 2005
          • 2004
          • 2003
          • 2002
          • 2001
          • 2000

          Awarded Electric General Contractor Certificate; Listed as Zhejiang Provincial Key Research & Development Enterprise; Rated as Chinese National High and New Technology Enterprise.


          OnEPS rated as Provincial High and New Technology Enterprise Research and Development Center


          City of Hangzhou High and New Technology Enterprise Research and Development Center


          Awarded Title of Chinese National High and New Technology Enterprise.


          OnEPS was listed on Zhejiang OTC exchange


          Awarded certificate of Zhejiang Provincial Scientific and Technological Achievement.


          EV DC charging station system with dual current balancing technologies??? was awarded certificates of China Torch Program Project.


          Pass Tests by China KeTop Electrical Evaluation Center for Integrated UPS system of OnEPS.


          Awarded the Title of Chinese National High and New Technology Enterprise; Zhejiang Software Enterprise; Provincial Research and Development Center


          Rated as AAA Enterprise by China Enterprise Brand Evaluation Center


          EPS system certified by Ministry of Public Security of PRC


          Became member of China Power Supply Society


          EPS systems delivered to customers by OnEPS


          Certified by ISO 9001:2000 quality systems. Awarded designation of CQM-QCC


          Developed commercial OnEPS UPS system for GES electric power system


          Hangzhou Only Power Supply Equipment Co., Ltd. Established

          Qualification culture
          • CE-TUV

          • CE-TUV

          • 建筑業企業資質證書

          • 承裝(修、試)電力設施許可證

          • IATF16949:2016

          • CE-EMC

          • CE-LVD

          • 職業健康安全管理體系認證

          • 環境管理體系認證

          • 國家火炬計劃產業化示范項目