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        1. Aoneng Power: High-power charging, wireless charging, etc. will become the next growth point of the charging market


              Mr. Shen Kunyang, marketing Director of Hangzhou Aoneng Power Equipment Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview during the 2018 China International Clean Energy Technology Promotion Week that with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, high-power charging equipment, OppCharge and wireless charging technologies are expected to become the next growth point of the charging market.

              In recent years, China's new energy vehicles have experienced explosive growth. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in February, the production and sales volume of new energy vehicles were 39,230 and 34,420, up 119.1% and 95.2% from same period last year respectively.  From January to February, the cumulative production and sales volume of new energy vehicles were 81,855 and 74,667, an increase of 225.5% and 200% from same period last year respectively.

              With the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, charging and other related supporting markets (EVSE) will also usher in great development.  However, as the competition in the industry continues to intensify, more and more EVSE enterprises are expanding their own industrial layout perspectives. "From the technical and product perspectives and high-power charging equipment, OppCharge, and wireless charging technology are good market growth points." Mr. Shen Kunyang said that Hangzhou Ao Neng Power has gradually adapted to this idea and direction and will make do R&D investment in this direction.

              At present, low battery mileage and long charging time restrict the development of new energy vehicles. "How to use high power, how to use group charging technology, how to use faster charging method to solve this problem?" Shen  said that lithium titanate battery’s superfast charging capability may be a solution, but low energy density will lead to vehicle shortened travel range.  For lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium NMC battery, high power fast charging is a good solution.

              It is understood that Hangzhou Ao Neng Power has launched the first generation of flexible high-power group charge since 2016, and the second generation of flexible high-power group charge was launched at the end of 2017. The power of single power-cube can reach 320KW, which can realize one-to-eight flexible dispenser connectors. The maximum current is up to 250A for each connector.  With the modular power configuration it enables flexible power distribution of megawatt high-power fast charging cube.