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          Portable DC charger

          Automatically turned off when fully charged.
          Support App interface,operating,simple,fast and convenient.
          100% meets safe electricity standards,eliminating fire hazards caused by charging.

          Email: info@on-eps.comSend Inquiry Now
          • General Introduction
          • Technical specifications
          • 1. In the uncharged state, the outlet is in a non-powered state

            2. The battery is fully charged, the device is automatically turned off, the socket is in a non-powered state, and the battery is overcharged.

            3. The battery and electric vehicle circuit are abnormal, and the equipment does not provide power.

            4. It is simple, fast and convenient to operate the charging method through WeChat and APP interface.

            5. Credit card, WeChat, Alipay third party financial management

            6. Remote monitoring, remote monitoring management

            7. 100% meets safe electricity standards, eliminating fire hazards caused by charging

            8. The charging information device is automatically pushed, at a glance

          • Model ANL-603600
            AC input voltage AC220VAC±15%
            AC input frequency 47Hz-63Hz
            The output voltage 60VDC
            Rated output current 60A
            Output Power 3.6kW
            Input voltage range 176VAC~300VAC(Fullload);176VAC~85VAC(Drop load) 176VDC~400VDC(Full load);176VDC~85VDC(Drop Load)
            Charging mode Automatic, Timing, Fixed, Quantitative
            Protective function Over current, Short circuit, Over voltage, Under voltage, Emergency stop, Lightning protection, Leakage protection
            Working temperature -40℃~45℃ Normal operation 45℃~75℃ Derating output
            Human interaction 4.3" Dot Martrix screen
            Payment method Mobile APP, WeChat
            Communication Interface CAN / 4G
            Protection level IP54
            Cabinet size 400(W)×200(H)×140(D) (mm)
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