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          Integrated Shore Power Pedestal

          If ships stop using onboard generator while mooring in the port for electricity consumption and switch the power supply to shore power system, it would bring great benefits to people and environment:

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          • General Introduction
          • Technical specifications
          • The three-phase AC shore power pedestal (single or double connector) independently developed by AONENG Power Supply are suitable for providing high-quality stable voltage power supply for the ships in the port. They can be easily installed on the shores of the ports of rivers, such as the banks of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River and other sea harbors. The shore power equipment is operated in a self-service mode, and the users can complete the power supply, payment and other operations independently.

            HMI Interface

            Three different indicators show three states of power, charging, and fault.

            In case of emergency, Emergency Stop button can be pressed to cut off power supply immediately.

            A LCD touch screen for display charge information

            Smart Charge

            When equipped with back-end support, user can manage charge operation by smart phone APP, such as the WeChat Official Accounts. With back-end support, user can plan and manage the charge session smartly.

            Multiple-Layer Protection

            Seven protection functionalities related with personal and equipment safety: over current, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, emergency stop, lightning protection, leakage protection. Equipment and circuit boards also protected by anti-moist, anti-mildew, and anti-salt fog coating.

            Small Footprint and Easy Installation

            Pedestal’s ergonomic and compact design makes installation and daily usage easy.

          • Model  ANAC74-380V/63A-1C  ANAC74-380V/63A-2C
            AC Input Voltage  380 VAC ±15%
            AC Input Frequency  50/60 Hz
            Rated Current  63 A 63 A x 2 path
            Output Power  42 kW, Single Port 2*42 kW, Dual Port
            Charge Mode  Auto, Fixed Duration, Fixed Fee, Fixed Energy(kWh), Schedule
            HMI  4.3” Color Touch Screen 
            Payment Option  Revenue Graded Meter
            Communication  CAN, 2G
            Noise  ≤ 65 dB 
            Ambient Temperature  -25℃~+55℃ 
            Relative Humidity  5%-95% 
            Protection Level  IP54
            Dimension 630mm×1000mm×230mm(W*H*D) 950mm×1000mm×230mm(W*H*D)
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