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          3-phase AC Pedestal Charger

          Email: info@on-eps.comSend Inquiry Now
          • General Introduction
          • Technical specifications
          • Features:

            • Pedestal and Wall Mount Style;
            • Support: GB/T-2015, SAE J1772 (Type 1), and IEC Type 2;
            • Output Power Level: 22kW, 42kW, 84kW by dual port;
            • Remote operate-able. Support OCPP1.6 or up on selected models;
            • Protection for overheating, overload, ground fault, and IP54/NEMA 3R rated enclosure.
            • Suitable: home, hotel, shopping mall and parking areas.
          • Display 14.3” color touch screen
            Payment Type RFID Reader, Phone APP, WeChat Official Account
            Input Voltage 330-438 VAC 3-Phase + N + PE
            Input Frequency 45-55Hz
            Output Current 2 x 63A
            Output Power 84kW with dual connector
            Communication Ports CAN, 3/4G, Ethernet (optional)
            Charging Mode Auto, Set Time, Set Fee, Set Energy, By Appointment
            Protection Leakage Current, Overloading, Short Circuit, Lightning Strike, Over Voltage, Over Current, Emergency Stop
            IP Protection IP54
            Dimension 420(W)×260(D)×1400(H)mm
            Enclosure Sheet metal
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