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          Shell Shaped Wallbox AC Charger

          Email: info@on-eps.comSend Inquiry Now
          • General Introduction
          • Technical specifications
            • Pedestal and Wall Mount Style;
            • Support: GB/T-2015, SAE J1772 (Type 1), and IEC Type 2;
            • Output Power Level: 7kW, 22kW, 42kW, 84kW by dual port;
            • Remote operate-able. Support OCPP1.6 or up on selected models;
            • Protection for overheating, overload, ground fault, and IP54/NEMA 3R rated enclosure.
            • Suitable: home, hotel, shopping mall and parking areas.
          • Display Point Matrix Display
            Payment RFID reader; Energy meter
            Input Voltage 176-264VAC, 1-Phase + N + PE
            Output Current 32A
            Output Power 7kW
            Communication Ports CAN, 3/4G, Ethernet (optional)
            Protection Leakage Current, Overloading, Short Circuit, Lightning Strike, Over Voltage, Over Current
            Protection IP54
            Dimension 324(W)x139(D)x342(H)mm
            Enclosure Plastic
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