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        1. Talent Concept

          At AoNeng, we are able to attract the most talented people from the national cross-cultural talent pool to serve our diverse clients and markets. We believe in a culture of diversity and tolerance, respect individual differences, and value unique insights, so that AoNeng can continue to innovate and make better decisions.
          We are committed to supporting and helping each employee's growth and success, and have appropriate training and development plans for all levels of talent.
          These programs and projects provide employees with challenging tasks and good case practice opportunities to help employees succeed.Creative ideas and innovative thinking are highly regarded and respected here.

          Personality first, Dedication-oriented, Respect for individual, Benign competition

          Personality first
          Respect for individual
          Benign competition

          Working at AoNeng, we will give you the opportunity to:

          • 1、Make a difference (with the opportunity to give an opinion)
          • 2、Providing unparalleled value to our customers (doing important things)
          • 3、Enjoy the opportunity of continuous learning at work (learning and growth)
          • 4、Career development prospects (recognition and success)
          • 5、Participate in a continuous growth process for a national company that is committed to customers and projects